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This Cookie Policy document explains how cookies function on Immediate Bitmasters and why our website needs them to function properly. We recommend you familiarise yourself with this Policy thoroughly before proceeding to use Immediate Bitmasters.

What Are Cookies?

Websites like Immediate Bitmasters use cookies to identify their customers. Cookies are generated by our server upon your first visit to Immediate Bitmasters and stored on the device you used to access our site. Then, if you subsequently return to our web page, our server can recognise you and remember your preferences.

The Role of Cookies

Cookies are an irreplaceable tool for modern websites. Firstly, they offer valuable feedback on the technical performance of our website. For example, cookies can record any errors or other problems our users run into when browsing Immediate Bitmasters, which we can then resolve and prevent from occurring in the future. Furthermore, cookies can tell us more about our users’ browsing habits and the types of content they prefer or dislike. Using this information, our team can make improvements to Immediate Bitmasters to deliver a more enjoyable and productive browsing environment for our clients.

Moreover, cookies are useful for more than data collection. They can enable some website functions that make the browsing experience more convenient for our users. For example, cookies can save your login details for future use, remember your preferences, and more.

What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

The Immediate Bitmasters website relies on three main varieties of cookies.

Essential Cookies

These functional cookies are the most important of the three types. Without them, the Immediate Bitmasters website will not work as our developers intended. These cookies aid us in the following:

  • Ensuring the smooth operation of our website and keeping technical errors to a minimum;
  • Gathering information about our users’ preferences so that we may customise their experience and make the time spent on Immediate Bitmasters more enjoyable and relevant;
  • Referring our users to other third-party web pages that contain materials or products we deem can be useful to our clients, such as financial brokerages, for example;
  • Showcasing our website content in the most optimal and user-friendly way;
  • Providing additional services to make the browsing experience on Immediate Bitmasters as seamless as possible.

Google Analytics Cookies

Immediate Bitmasters also has an agreement with Google to utilise Google Analytics across our website. These non-essential cookies help us attain a deeper understanding of our users’ preferences and the overall performance of our website.

For instance, with the help of Google Analytics, our team can learn what parts of our website are more popular with our clients. Conversely, we can spot sections users tend to ignore. This tells us more about the types of content clients prefer or find helpful and also outlines areas in which we might need to improve.

Furthermore, Google Analytics cookies also help us learn more about the backgrounds of our user base. By understanding more about the demographic, socio-economic, or other characteristics of our clients, we can further customise their browsing experience to cater to their interests better.

Note that Google is not permitted to use data gathered about Immediate Bitmasters users through Google Analytics cookies.

Third-party Cookies

Clients may also see links to third-party resources within the website content on Immediate Bitmasters. We sometimes hyperlink to such pages to connect you to financial brokers, educational resources, different types of trading software, or other content that may seem relevant. Thus, you might encounter third-party cookies on Immediate Bitmasters that belong to these other websites.

Moreover, third-party cookies help establish a bridge between Immediate Bitmasters and other websites you visit, carrying over your browsing preferences for a more enjoyable experience customised according to your interests.

Refusing the Use of Cookies

Both essential and non-essential cookies are of high importance to Immediate Bitmasters, and we recommend you allow their use. Thanks to them, you can experience our website as intended, with all built-in functionalities. At the same time, we can learn about our site’s performance, resolve technical issues, and make further quality-of-life or other improvements.

Nevertheless, all users are free to decide whether to allow cookie use or not. It is your right to refuse cookie use, but be aware that this may negatively impact your browsing experience.

You can decline cookies upon your first visit to Immediate Bitmasters in the pop-up window that informs you about cookie use. Alternatively, you can disable cookies (all kinds or just non-essential ones) directly from your browser settings.

Content Changes

Immediate Bitmasters retains the right to update, delete, or make other changes to any of its website content, including this Cookie Policy, with or without prior notification to our customers.

Any amendments made become valid when they go live on our site. The user is advised to periodically re-read our policies to ensure they are familiar with their latest versions. Your continued use of Immediate Bitmasters signifies your consent to all content changes we make.

Questions and Feedback

We are at your disposal if you have any questions or wish to provide Immediate Bitmasters with any feedback on your experience with cookies on our website. Navigate to our Contact page to learn more about the communication channels we have available.

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